• Aplex MA-300L HD

    With 3” plungers and at its 400 rpm rated speed, this pump can produce 306 GPM at 1715 psi. Or, by using 4.000″ plungers, it is rated 544 GPM at 965 PSI.  View the full spec sheet on the MA-300 page.

  • Aplex MA-240L

    This MA-240L pump is capable of producing 398 GPM at 450 RPM using 3.5″ plungers at 930 PSI.  Using 2.375″ plungers at 2020 PSI, this pump will produce 183 GPM at 450 RPM.  Visit the MA-240 page to view spec sheets, download the service manual or see other models within the MA-240 family.

  • Aplex SC -155L

    NEW intermittent duty quintuplex pump with 3″ HSN/Kevlar pistons, ductile iron fluid end, abrasion resistant (AR) valves. Visit the SC-115 page to see other models in this family, view spec sheets, download service manuals, or contact a sales person.

  • Aplex MA-25M

    NEW bare shaft triplex pump, aluminum bronze fluid end, 1 3/4″ white ceramic plungers, gland adjustable 838 bronze packing, abrasion resistant valve assembly. Capable of 43gpm @ 896psi with 1 7/8″ plungers or 12gpm @ 3151psi with 1″ plungers.  Visit the MA-25 page to see the other models in this family, view the spec sheets or download the service manuals.


Your Source for Aplex Pump Information

Aplex pumps are primarily used in the demanding and hostile fields of oil and gas, directional drilling, steel mills, and the salt water and fresh water treatment / disposal industries. Aplex’s Duplex, Triplex, Quintuplex, and Centrifugal pumps are easily maintained with a wide range of configurations that can be tailored to each customers specific needs. You can view and download the spec sheets and service manuals for the different models from each model page.